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From healthcare professionals, to dieticians and even the little signals our bodies send us after ingesting foods they aren’t fond of, the message is clear- healthy eating is essential to our physical well-being. Still, the insight of what to do is not as easily translated into how to make it happen. This 360 degree online meal planner makes the process of breaking routines and making healthier choices feel less daunting… all while saving you time and money!

Planning and preparing meals goes far beyond the Saturday morning trip to the grocery store, with a list of ingredients, for the dinner table for the next 7 days. To truly be conscious of what we consume and how much we spend, we must plan every meal and snack. Effective planning prevents spontaneous, often damaging, decisions for our bodies and budget. The IDineAtHome MealPal360 Web Application is the only simple meal planner to track food from wallet to plate!


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Choose from monthly, quarterly, yearly or 30 day free trial plans. All members have access to the menu, so “What’s for dinner?” becomes as simple as checking the Dashboard.



Set your budget then dive right into our delicious inventory of recipes! Save your favorites to your personalized MealPal360 meal tracker and generate your shopping list. Input all food related receipts to track your budget.



Now that you have planned and prepared, you’ll be impressed by the ease of getting dinner to the table. Don’t wait, sign up for a free trial!

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Meal planning to meet your budget

The MealPal360 tool guides your food selections based on the dietary restrictions and other food preferences you set. You’ll save money by planning your meals and developing your shopping list with the MealPal360. You’ll need to start by setting aside time to plan your meals for the week. It will seem like a monumental task at first but, after a few short weeks, you’ll see how efficient you’ve become at planning a healthy variety of meals.

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Meal planning to meet your dietary requirements

Preparing meals at home is, simply, the healthier option. Consuming foods that have been properly prepared at home carry less health risks than those prepared in restaurants. When you are putting items together for a meal, you know the exact ingredients going into that dish. If you want a non-cross contaminated salad for lunch, for example, you can prepare that salad your way.  

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