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Does ship ingredients to members?

NO, IDineAtHome is not a meal kit company. Our mission is to inspire families to cook, controlling their dietary requirements as well as save money.

How long does it take to realize savings?

You will start seeing savings in 3 to 4 weeks. You’ll stop eating out as much, which will cut back on the costly spontaneous food decisions as well as wasted food.

I have food allergies, can I customize my meal plan to exclude these items?

YES, since you are in the driver’s seat, you search from our +2M recipes from Yummly and our filters will let you know that a dish may contain a food sensitive item based on your preferences. We do not entirely block recipes with allergic ingredients since many of those recipes ingredients and be easily substituted.

Do I have to pay for each family member to have access to my recipes?

NO, one membership fee will cover up to 5 members of the household.

Can i use my own custom recipes?

YES ABSOLUTELY, We created the system so that you can save your favorite recipes in one place. You can even download a recipe from our Yummly connection and them modify it to fit you and your families preferences. have a mobile app?

The Mobile App is currently in development. We are hoping release it late 2018.

What is a healthy diet?

Eating clean is a simple and healthy approach to eating. In this clean-eating meal plan you’ll find plenty of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats. To clean up your diet, you’ll want to limit the amount of refined grains, salt, alcohol and added sugars you eat.