The Inspiration Behind IDineAtHome

Why Do I need Online Meal Planning

If you are having problems with organizing, planning exciting and healthy food options, check out our Online Meal Planning Application. It is designed to an easy 360-degree tool to track the families’ Meals, Budget while presenting the functionality to exploring and saving new meal options.


See if any of the following problems resonate in your household.
Here were the top issues we’ve identified:

  • Health issues that require controlling diet
  • TIME to cook…period
  • Managing multiple apps; grocery list, spreadsheets, etc
  • Frequent “What’s for dinner?
  • Frequent “Didn’t we just eat that?
  • Anxiety finding quick healthy options
  • Don’t have infinite cash for Meals in a kit?
  • Don’t have infinite cash for dining out?

Sounds familiar?

No Online Meal Planning = Empty plate
Family Using Online Meal Planning

Control – Choosing healthier ingredients and cooking methods solves:

  • Health issues that require controlling diet

Management  – Using apps helps solve:

  • “What’s for dinner?”  Allrecipes, Yummly, etc
  • “Didn’t we just eat that?”  Paper meal plan calendar, excel, etc
  • Ongoing cash for Meals in a kit?  Budget in excel, financial app, etc

Planning – planning ahead reduces:

  • Reduces cooking time
  • Anxiety finding quick healthy options

Sounds good? Wait, still seems like a lot of work doesn’t it?


So you may have noticed that there was one problem that wasn’t solved by the solutions in box two above. That’s right, you called it, “Managing multiple apps.”

IDineAtHome was founded for this very reason. Our approach was to combine or curate all these useful time-saving tools into one easy application. With all these applications in one place, it will allow our system to analyze your past food choices and make suggestions on YOUR preferences. We even took it one step further, allowing all the family members to have their own login. So “what’s for dinner” is resolved in a few clicks away.

Check out the MealPal360 Online Meal Planning Application to learn more.


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