MealPal360 A Sneak Peak

The online meal planner that tracks from wallet to plate

Explore our online meal planning platform, MealPal360. Click on the images to see the full screen view.


MealPal360 dashboard shows you a quick view of your budget progress for groceries, dining out as well as meal delivery services you may have.

Adding dining out and meal delivery service receipts allow you to see the hard numbers on where your food cost is going.


Open your meal planner calendar, and click on a meal to get a quick view for preparing meals.

Quickly add receipts and see how you are doing with your cost of dining out vs. groceries for example.

MealPal360 Menu
MealPal360 Quick Add


Quickly add recipes after eating our or purchasing groceries.

Quickly add items to your grocery list.


Click on the Recipe tab and explore and save new recipes using the Yummly integrated search feature.

Classify your recipes and dishes based on cuisine nationality. MealPal360 was created to assist with coming up with fresh ideas for meals.

Instantly identify foods with specific ingredients when using the allergy/food sensitivity feature.

MealPal360 Recipe Page
MealPal360 Shopping List


Clicking on “Save to Shopping List” on the Dashboard or the menu page places the items from your meal plan for the week into your shopping list’s default grocery store. From there you can move them to the appropriate store if you wish.

Looking at the picture to the left, you’ll see that the grocery items from the Quick Add feature on the Dashboard carry over to the shopping list.